Wood Floor Sanding

Majestic Flooring offer a fully professional service of all the stages of your wooden floor restoration. with 15 years experience majestic flooring can recommend what is required to restore the beauty of your wooden floor.

At the start majestic flooring with secure all loose boards or parquet and mosaic’s blocks, if its not possible to keep the original boards cant be kept Majestic Flooring will replace them wit quality reclaimed boards.

Once the repairs have been dealt with the sanding can commence. starting with a course paper, Majestic Flooring will start removing any previous protected layers, scratches or marks.once the floor is clean and flat, the gaps can be filled if required


Filling is done to stop droughts and things falling threw the and gaps and the build up of dust.

Resin Fill

Resin fill is a using of the fine dust and a mixing of lecor, Majestic Flooring recommend using this in fine gaps of mosaic’s and parquet flooring. with floor boards with a gap of no more than 4mm this can be used as well.

WARNING- wood is a natural material it can expand and contract.

Mastic Fill

If the gaps are bigger than 4mm Majestic Flooring recommend using a mastic which is very durable and sticks to either side of the floorboards.


The bigger gaps can also be filled by glueing slivers into the gaps and then sanded down. Once the filling has been completed the floor can be sanded to a smooth finish.


The floor can be stained to alter the colour of the wood.

Varnished or Lacquer’s

The products that Majestic Flooring use are very hard wearing easy to maintain. the floor can be finished in matt, satin or high gloss. majestic flooring recommend the application of 3 coats and the floor is fully cured within 72 hours

Hard Wax Oil

The product that Majestic Flooring use is micro-porus and does not crack, flake, peel or blister. it brings out the natural beauty of the wood and we recommend 2 coat in